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Providing Services to Sex Workers: A Guide for Advocates

January 21, 2021
01: 30 PM - 03: 00 PM

Mountain Standard Time


Ashlea -, Desiree -, Olivia -

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January 11 - 21, 2021


How you understand sex work informs how you treat sex workers.

This course was created for professionals who want to better understand sex work, and how to better support people in the adult industry. In this course, you will learn to normalize sex work, gain a basic knowledge of sex work and who sex workers are, understand common intersectional identities and topics sex workers may bring up in relation to those identities, and where to find resources available to you and your SW (sex work) client. This course emphasizes and includes community input and research, but is not exhaustive: we want to acknowledge the vast array of experiences in sex work.


Who is the Colorado Entertainer Coalition?

The Colorado Entertainer Coalition (C.E.C) is a sex worker run grassroots organization that works to build community and provide educational resources for sex workers. We strive to reduce the specific barriers sex workers face in various aspects of life. We are committed to the development of sex worker specific resources, trainings, and workshops. The C.E.C. aims to strengthen relationships with the general public to reduce stigma associated with our industry. We continue to work with local professionals who share our commitment to this cause.

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